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“This message has made a huge impact on our clients and senior management. The Adversity Advantage combines Erik’s captivating insights in dealing with his adversities with Paul’s landmark research and ability to put it into practice.”  —Gregory J. Fleming, President, Global Markets & Investment Banking Group, Merrill Lynch

“Every now and then a book comes along that can be used to shape a leader, one’s life, and the entire culture of an organization. The Adversity Advantage is just such a book. Done right, these teachings are the true key to greatness.” —John Suranyi, President, Sales & Service, DIRECTV, Inc.

“In The Adversity Advantage, Erik and Paul teach us how to meet adversity head-on to reach new heights. This book lays out a straightforward approach to taking advantage of business or personal challenges to “achieve greatness every day.”  —Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., Group President, American Express

“Today’s military is facing an entirely new brand of adversity; how we react will determine whether we win or lose. I view this book as a strategic weapon in our arsenal and recommend it for anyone who wants to harness life’s tough stuff and deliver everyday greatness.” —Major General Bill Essex, Commander and CEO, Army and Air Force Exchange Service

The Adversity Advantage makes a convincing argument that true accomplishment, even true greatness, comes not in spite of adversity, but because of it. Adversity is the pathway.”  —Ed Haldeman, Chief Executive Officer, Putnam Investments

“This book confirms what I have learned in my many years of public service—that adversity is never ending, but our choice is whether to wilt in its face or use it to our advantage.” —Connie Mack, U.S. Senator, Florida

“Every senior executive committed to increasing performance should read this book. It teaches two of the most powerful secrets of high performance: (1) Top performers use their adversities to go further and faster than their competitors, and (2) adversity is the vital ingredient for unleashing greatness.”  —Susan Annunzio, Adjunct Professor of Management, University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business; Author of Contagious Success 

“Erik’s dramatic life insights and Paul’s instructive lessons create a powerful and motivating mix that should fuel the competitive performance of student-athletes in all facets of campus life.”   —Gary Walters, Athletic Director, Princeton University

“A wonderful book— it certainly changed my way of thinking about adversity. I wish I had read it years ago.” —David A. Hoyt, Group Executive Vice President, Wholesale Banking, Wells Fargo & Company 

The Adversity Advantage is the definitive guidebook for how to convert adversity into fuel to power your enterprise, people, and personal life to new heights.” —Stephen J. Burrill, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

“This extraordinary book combines positive lessons on the literal and figurative mountains of life. I could not put it down. Everyone that faces any type of adversity should read this book.”  —Steven M. Rothstein, President, Perkins School for the Blind

“Why do some people continuously excel in the same situations that stymie or frustrate others?  This book answers that question by showing us all how to harness life’s challenges and turn them to our advantage.” —Richard L. Antoine, Global Human Resources Officer, Proctor & Gamble

“In a captivating, but tutorial style, Erik and Paul make the seemingly contradictory concept of finding new strength in the face of adversity and exhaustion both real and realizable in all of us.”   —Kendrick Melrose, Former Chair & CEO, The Toro Company 

The Adversity Advantage illuminates the potential and power of adversity through the guiding force of Erik’s storytelling and Paul’s prescriptions. This is a helpful, fun and inspirational read.”    —Bob Parkinson, Chairman and CEO, Baxter International

“This groundbreaking book has the unique potential to elevate you and your entire enterprise.” —Harry P. Hoopis, Managing Partner, Hoopis Financial Group

“The real life experiences the authors depict give me great insight into the mindset that can help individuals achieve beyond their wildest dreams. I intend to share this with all those in my circle of influence.” —Robert M. Henry, Chairman & CEO, Arbonne International

“Erik’s and Paul’s ‘seven summit’ approach reveals how to rethink adversity and use it to your advantage. Their insights can help people in any industry, at any stage of their careers. I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking a new way to solve problems, tackle challenges, and harness adversity.”  —Janet S. Fiola, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Medtronic Inc.

“Our organization has embraced these teachings on adversity to build a substantially more resilient organization. This new book takes us to a whole new level by using adversity to generate genuine competitive immunity.”   —Mike Crosby, COO, Irving Oil, Ltd.

“Parent, Spouse, Leader, Friend — in every role we face adversity. The Adversity Advantage teaches you to harness those adversities to gain the strength you need to move your organization, family, and self forward.”  —Michele Burkholder, Vice President, ING

“Finally, a book which proves that when it comes to gaining ground in business and in life, it’s all about adversity.”  —Cyril M. Simone, Vice President, IT Global Business Initiatives, NewsCorp

“This compelling notion of how to harness adversity as a strategic advantage is revelatory, vital for our time, and helpful to any business in realizing its true potential.”  —Jeff Black, Vice President Sales, Masterfoods 

The Adversity Advantage is a must-read. It can change lives.” —Al Boulden, Senior Vice President, Sales, Sealy, Inc.

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