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The Paul Stoltz - Erik Weihenmayer partnership: How The versity AdvaAdntage orginated

Two kindred spirits have come together in a single mission to permanently strengthen how people deal with adversity.

Paul’s 25 years of research, his life’s work, has focused on the human relationship with adversity, which is generally the central element in both suffering and happiness. Over time, he became fascinated with those extremely rare individuals who are able to use adversity to create extraordinary lives — the kind of lives that both inspire and instruct the rest of us on what is truly possible. In June 2001, Paul picked up the cover of Time magazine and read about Erik’s amazing feat — becoming the first blind person to climb Everest — and immediately sought to meet the man who apparently embodied everything Paul had spent decades teaching: how adversity can fuel greatness.

At their first meeting at Erik’s home in Golden, Colorado, Paul watched the astonishing footage of Erik’s climb, met his wonderful family, and realized that Erik was more than an exemplar — he was a pioneer. He didn’t rest on his Everest laurels; instead, he continues to shatter people’s perceptions of what is possible through each new expedition and outreach effort, and as well as through his speaking engagements, inspiring books, and award-winning films. He clearly uses adversity to fuel his greatness, and shares his powerful message in forums around the world.

Their chat enthusiastically spiraled from an interview into a collaboration. Paul’s theories came to life in Erik. And Erik’s life was somehow clarified with Paul’s theories. Together their philosophies merged into a single unified idea that both authors fervently believe can better the world: The Adversity Advantage.

Listen to an interview with Paul & Erik on Business Opportunity Radio....

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Published by Fireside, a division of Simon & Schuster.

Foreword by Stephen R. Covey


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